Paddle Freaks Outfitter [ Fly fishing trip in Tokyo ]


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Kevin, fish on!

Ed, fish on!

Swagger team.

 Yoji, fish on!

Erin and Dan, Hanami on paddle!

Fuad and his wife in lake Kawaguchi.

Erin and Dan, paddle into downtown.

Stan, fiish on!

Pinky girl in fishpond.

 Nicole, fish on!

Claudio and Italian visitors in lake Kawaguchi.

Family "goby" fishing & picnic.

Soulath and french guys, paddle and picnic.

Martin, fish on!

Mike and Mt Fuji.

Darren and his wife, fish on!

Soulath, fish on!

Luca, got Coca cola!

Mark on paddle.

Mike, fish on!

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